Through-objects design trends interview

«Our vision is sustained by the thought that in your private space you will need a more relaxed atmosphere that should be built in harmony with nature, our primordial environment»

JJJournal Interview

«In September, as we walked around 100% Design fair taking in the incredible stalls that surrounded us, we came across Cuco, a handmade furniture company based in Portugal. We absolutely loved their quality, earthy designs and their colour palette is to die for! We got in touch with Ricardo, from Cuco to find out more»

Upcyclist review on new designs made with cork

«Another designer making the most of local materials is Cuco. Products have been developed by a team of architects which are handmade in Porto by skilled artisans. The smooth-edged ‘Light’ table above is inspired by the lightness of the cork material, which is here combined with parasol pine natural wood.»

100%Design Interview

«Introducing Cuco — The Portuguese based handmade furniture company guided by a strong sense of experiencing the pieces, not only in a functional way but also in an emotional way»